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Our school behaviour plan focuses on:

  • A strong emphasis on recognising and rewarding good behaviour
  • Dealing with wrong behaviour calmly, fairly, and consistently across the school.
  • Having a system where everyone knows where they stand
  • Where we all know:
    • What the rules are
    • What happens when pupils follow these rules
    • What happens when they choose to misbehave

We foster a caring culture based on mutual respect, co-operation and support.  Inappropriate behaviours are dealt with promptly and firmly.  The children are expected to have high expectations of themselves and are encouraged to work together to make the Vale a safe learning environment for all.

We have six school rules:

1. Listen     2. Follow Instructions     3. Think of others     4. Take Care of our School     5. Be Polite     6. Be honest

To celebrate the children's good behaviour we award them house points, headteacher awards and during the year we send home certificates and postcards to let parents know about their child's excellent behaviour.

For more information please see our Behaviour Policy on the Policies page.

There are occasions when children get involved in activities that we would identify as bullying.  These are dealt with swiftly, working with all parties involved, including parents. For more details click here

Also, please follow the link below to access an excellent web page devoted to helping parents understand children's behaviour needs, providing practical advice and tips.   

We know how alone you can feel when you are dealing with negative behaviour, whatever the reason for it, and we want to show that you are never alone.  The website has been developed by a teacher who has been working with families and children with social, emotional and behavioural needs for a number of years and is designed to give you advice that you can trust. 
The FREE website contains: 
A forum (where parents can post anonymously); 
Advice videos and articles; 
Friendly places to visit; 
Links to helpful websites; 
Down-loadable resources.