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Network Access

Click on the links to the left to access your school network “My documents” area and the network “Shared Areas”. You will be asked for your network logon and password details and you will only be able to gain access to the areas that you can access at school.

Important, please note: When you access any document this way you will be working on a downloaded copy , you are not working directly on the school network. It is important that you go to “Save As” and save the document to a location on the computer that you are working on so that you can find it again and so that any changes will be saved.

Pupils only: if you now wish to transfer this document back to the school network you will need to email it to your wsgfl email account or bring it into school on a portable memory device.

Staff only: If you amend the downloaded saved copy and wish to send it back or you wish to send a new file to the network, click on the “Upload a file” icon and browse to the file that you wish to transfer. If you wish to create a new folder to place your file in, click on the “Create new folder icon”. Please note that you can only send documents to your “My Documents” area not to the “Shared Areas”.

As you are transferring directly onto the network, please make sure that your antivirus software is up to date and working.