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Terms of Reference


Full Governing Body


The Governing Body needs to take a strategic role, act as a critical friend to the School and be accountable for its decisions. Its role should include:

  • Setting aims and objectives

  • Agree, monitor and review policies

  • Agree, monitor and review targets and priorities

  • Setting committees

  • Setting the priority and direction for each committee

  • Setting/altering delegated responsibilities

  • Makes final decision on all committees’ advisory responsibilities

  • Debates and completes its non-delegated responsibilities

  • Acts as a forum for each governor to be fully appraised of each of the committees’ work and the strategic overview

Terms of Reference

1. To agree constitutional matters*, including procedures where the Governing Body has

2. To recruit new members as vacancies arise and to appoint new governors* where appropriate
3. To hold at least three Governing Body meetings a year*
4. To appoint or remove the Chair and Vice Chair*
5. To appoint or remove a Clerk to the Governing Body*
6. To establish the committees of the Governing Body and their terms of reference*
7. To appoint the Chair of any committee (if not delegated to the committee itself)
8. To appoint or remove a Clerk to each committee*
9. To suspend a governor*
10. To decide which functions of the Governing Body will be delegated to committees, groups and

11. To receive reports from any individual or committee to whom a decision has been delegated

and to consider whether any further action by the Governing Body is necessary*
12. To approve the first formal budget plan of the financial year
13. To keep the Health and Safety Policy and its practice under review and to make revisions

where appropriate
14. To review the delegation arrangements annually*
15. Any items which individual governing bodies may wish to include


*these matters cannot be delegated to either a committee or an individual


Membership – As per the Instrument of Governance

Operating Practice

The Vale School has agreed Terms of Reference for a

  • Finance and Premises committee

  • Staff and Curriculum committee

  • Pay committee


Each year the Governing Body reviews and adopts the Terms of Reference for these committees.


However, at Vale School we operate as a full governing body, meeting at least 9 times per year. We do not set individual committees, with the exception of the Pay Committee.


Therefore the scheme of delegation to a Finance and Premises or Staff and Curriculum committee is not enacted and the full governing body assumes the responsibility of those committees.


  1. Finance & Premises Committee Terms of Reference
  2. Staffing & Curriculum Terms of Reference
  3. Pay Committee Terms of Reference