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The school day

School Starts:      

Children are allowed onto the school site at 8.30am, and may enter the school building from 8.35am.   For Early Years and Year 1, please use the back driveway and drop your child off at their classroom door under the covered outside area.

Years 2 to 4 enter from the main playground.  Years 5 & 6 enter their classrooms from the back drive.

Registration is at 8.45am for Years 3-6 and 8.50am for Early Years and Years 1 & 2.


Children in Early Years have lunch in the school hall at 11.40am. This is followed by playtime from 12.20pm - 12.40pm.  The other year groups follow after each other.

School Ends:

School ends at 3pm for children in Early Years and Years 1 & 2, and 3.05pm for Years 3 - 6.

Children in Early Years are collected from the external classroom door under the canopy.

Year 1 parents pick up from the canopy outside the Year 1 block. 

Year 2 & 3 parents pick up from the main playground (Year 2 from the ramp and Year 3 from the steps).

Year 4 - 6 make their own way out to the playground to meet parents. Some older children make their own way home.

Please advise your child’s class teacher if there are any alternative arrangements for collection. 

Successful Learners, Confident Individuals, Responsible Citizens